Let's Ride Together

There are lots of opportunites to get involved with BoRo Experiences - from having your own bike at your location to hiring us as consultants to help you create new and exciting experiences.

Contact us at Hello@BoRoExperiences.com to find out more.
Get your brand or company on the BoRo Beach Bike

BoRo Experiences Consultancy

BoRo Experiences works with theme parks, tourism companies, visitor attractions and leisure facilities to develop new and exciting experiences that will wow your visitors and guests.

The BoRo Beach Bike is the flagship product under BoRo Experiences, and has worked with theatres and tourism organisations to bring consumer events and experiences to their locations. 

Find out more by dropping us a line at hello@BoRoExperiences.com

BoRo Bike Franchise

Operate your own unique BoRo bike in your location or brand with the full support of BoRo Experiences.


  • BoRo Bike exclusively constructed design
  • Designed, fabricated and custom-built to suit your brand or location
  • Custom website and online shop tailored for you
  • Tailored H&S, HR and risk assessment policies
  • Integral part of the wider BoRo marketing, PR and social media support
  • Economies of scale with uniforms, merchandise and suppliers
  • Management support to ensure success
  • Franchise and management fee
  • Delivery
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The BoRo Beach Bike has an eco-friendly heart, with a defined target market within each location it operates in. Themed rides cater for residents, businesses and tourists all year round. 

If your business would like to take of advantage a highly engaged audience, then speak to us about sponsoring our rides - from litter-picking to afternoon tea!

Corporate Hire and Small Business Promotion

The BoRo Beach Bike is a perfect vehicle for team building, presentations and idea generation. Get your staff and employees out from behind their desk and into the fresh air and sea breeze to get those brain cells buzzing. 

And if you don't have a shop-front, the BoRo Beach Bike allows you to showcase your products, give expert advice as well as a taster of what's to come.

The on-board video screen allows easy access to show presentations, and the central table is perfect for tasters, samples and product trials.

Get in contact and make the BoRo Experiences work for your brand