About the BoRo Bike

The BoRo Bike is the first in a line of unique experiences from BoRo Experiences.

Designed by BoRo Experiences and custom-made in the Netherlands and fabricated in the UK, the 17-seat custom-made, carbon-neutral bike aims to encourage its riders to chat, collaborate and have fun together.

Imagine having the BoRo Bike fabricated to fit your brand or location, providing an additional fun tourism experience or product as it travels around your grounds, paths and quiet roads. From stately homes to theme parks, car parks to parks, town centres to promenades, the BoRo Bike is ideal to showcase all that you have to offer, in an eco-friendly and healthy way.

It’s a repeatable, unique, shareable experience that locals, tourists, visitors and businesses look for in order to move, collaborate and have fun together.

A number of themes can be continually utilised to keep interest, showcase local talent and provide unique experiences, for example:
  • Specialist: sunrise/sunset, speed chess, French lessons, fitness and exercise, speed dating, afternoon tea
  • Visitors: transportation from one area to another 
  • Tourists: local history, sightseeing, stag/hen dos, leisure
  • Business: outdoor boardroom, networking, team building, idea/creative generation
As part of our ethos of being eco-friendly, the BoRo Bike commits to at least one free litter-picking ride per month in every location that we operate in.

The BoRo Beach Bike launched in Ryde on the Isle of Wight in the Summer of 2018, to great reactions and feedback! We even made into the coolest things to do in the UK in the Independent newspaper!


  • 17 seats - 10 pedallers, 5 non-pedallers (for disabled or children) and 2 children seats next to the driver
  • Electric motor to assist the pedallers
  • Rain awnings from the roof to protect from rain
  • Video screen, microphone and speakers for presentations
  • 5.67 metres long, 1.51 metres wide and 3 metres tall
  • Requires just one operator
  • Exclusive, custom-design to suit the experiences that BoRo offers.
  • BoRo Experiences designs any fabrication on top of the custom-made chassis to suit your location or brand.
Find out more about bringing the BoRo Bike to your location or brand here.

Our Eco Credentials

No single-use plastics

We try to reduce the amount of single-use plastics on board the BoRo Beach Bike. That's why we sell CanO Water - a sustainable, reuseable aluminum canned drink.  

With approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, affecting our wonderful coastlines and waters, CanO Water offers a highly recyclable alternative.

The aluminium cans have the highest recycling rate of any drink on the market; recycle your can and it could be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks. And the smart resealable lid doesn't affect the recyclability of our aluminium cans.

CanO Water is available in still or sparkling in 330ml cans to pre-purchase or on the BoRo Beach Bike.


Eco-conscious clothing

All of our merchandise on the online shop (and some of our staff uniforms) are made from sustainable and organic cotton from award-winning eco-fashion brand Rapanui.
BoRo Beach Bikes are carbon neutral, and all about cultivating an appreciation for the environment. We wanted the same for our clothing, so we found a manufacturer based on the Isle of Wight that uses only renewable energy for its production, as well as organic cotton, and low waste printing methods.

From their wind-powered factories right through to plant-based packaging, the cool, trendy and extremely comfortable clothing has an eco-heart throughout.

We've got exclusive designs from up-and-coming photographers as well as designs to help get the eco-message through.

See for yourself at our online shop